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What is FXT CopyPro

FXT CopyPro is a feature that allows traders to copy other traders on autopilot. Find traders that have the stats you want, copy them to your account and enjoy!

How Does FXT CopyPro Trading Work?

Simply searching the traders and find the trader you want to copy. Allocate the funds you wish to copy with in your account and click Copy!

Easy 3 steps process:

Start FXT CopyPro
Step 1


Step 2


Step 3


Find your prefered traders

Search through top traders in the leaderboard area

Check out their performance

Found a trader you like the look of? Look at their performance and enjoy copying the trades they take.

Choose the investment amount

Allocate fixed amounts per trade or copy on a percentage basis.

Happy with your Trader?

Confirm the trader you want to copy, allocate the funds and set the risk. Now you're ready to enjoy FXT CopyPro.

Want More Control?

Take control over trades and set your own stop loss and take profit settings and control each trade in your Trade Menu.

FXT CopyPro does the rest

Once you`ve confirmed your settings, the FXT CopyPro alogrithm will mirror your trader as they trade, in real-time.

When an order fits your pre-set parameters, it will be copied instantly to your account, provided you have enough funds. You can see any skipped trades which were missed due to insufficient funds in your FXT CopyPro menu.

There`s no limits to the traders you can copy. Found 3 or 4 traders with amazing results? You can copy all of them if you choose. Easily pause your copying activity if you need to.

User feedback about FXT CopyPro

Stephen Brooks

Ever since I started using FXT copypro feature, my investment journey has taken a turn for the better. It's a game-changer for someone like me who lacks experience and knowledge in trading. The platform allowed me to automatically copy the trades of successful investors, giving me the opportunity to profit from their expertise. I've seen consistent gains and my portfolio has grown significantly. FXT's copy trading is truly a powerful tool for anyone looking to make smart investment decisions without the need for extensive market research.

Henry Newton

As a busy professional, I always found it challenging to actively manage my investments. That's when I discovered FXT CopyPro functionality. It's like having a team of expert traders working for me around the clock. I can simply choose the traders I want to copy based on their track record, and FXT copypro takes care of the rest. The process is seamless, and I appreciate the transparency of being able to see their performance and portfolio composition. Thanks to FXT copypro, I can now focus on my work while still reaping the benefits of the financial markets.

James Haney

I've been a long-time user of, and their copy trading feature has been a game-changer for me. It has not only allowed me to diversify my portfolio but also learn from successful traders. I can easily browse through the profiles of experienced investors, analyze their strategies, and choose the ones that align with my investment goals. The ability to automatically replicate their trades in real-time has significantly improved my overall trading performance. Fxtrading FXT copypro has made investing more accessible and profitable for both experienced and novice traders alike.

Follow Top Traders and Copy their strategies direct to your account with FXT CopyPro

Their trades on your account.

Join thousands of other traders enjoying the autopilot strategy of copy trading, as traders who have already mastered their craft offer their skills in the FXT CopyPro service


Profits generated by our top 10 traders for their copiers during the last month


Average win ratio of FXT 10 most profitable traders

Master the Trader Statistics

When you copy a trader, it’s important to know the result of their trading and what to expect in terms of how often they profit and how much they profit.

Use a range of statistics and data to help you choose your preferred trader and strategy to copy.

Helpful statistics include:

Profit %

The end result, the profit percentage of the strategy to date.

Positions Traded

Number of trades made in the strategy.

Profitable %

Trades that have been profitable out of the total trade.

Profitable Days %

The percentage of days that the trader is profitable.

Recovery Factor

Net profit divided by max drawdown. This should typically be larger than 1.

Why use statistics

Using additional statistics on top of simply looking at return can help you determine if the strategy fits your needs, patience and risk tolerance. For example, some investors may struggle to copy a trader that loses most days but is profitable overall. This would mean they have a couple of really big winning days but lose a little bit most days.

Strategies with a low number of trades may indicate they are either very accurate in their decisions, are a new account or perhaps don’t trade enough for the investors’ liking.

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Can I Link my regular FXT account with my copy trading account?

Yes, you can. You can login into Copy Trading platform with your trading account number and password

Does copy trading cost any more than trading my own trades?

Trade costs like spread, commissions and swaps are the same as if you were trading your own account. Signal providers (Master Account Owners) can set their performance fee and/or subscription fees on a monthly payment basis. Before registering to a signal provider, be sure to check the subscription and performance fees first.

Can I copy more than one trader at a time?

Yes, you can copy multiple traders at a time, however for each signal provider, you must have a separate MT4 account which can be created via the . Multiple signals cannot be applied to a single MT4 account.

Am I able to deposit funds periodically?

Yes, you are able to dollar cost average (DCA) by adding funds to your copy trader account to allow trades to be copied using the increased funds. This is a common method for investors to increase their capital invested over time.

What is the maximum amount I can invest in a strategy?

The minimum amount to invest in a strategy is $100 but there is no maximum amount.

What statistics are available to view on the traders I can copy?

Trading statistics provide information like Profit %, Profitable % vs Losing % along with other helpful stats. You can easily view different time settings from All Time, to 1 month or even select your own dates.
You will also be able to see the Monthly Return % by month and overall return.

Do I have to close trades myself?

No, the trade copier copies the trade including stop loss levels, targets and also closes when the trader closes their trade. While you are not required to keep your platform open, watch the trades or monitor positions, it is always a good idea to keep track of your account, know the risk levels and general condition of your account. Copy trading is very hands off and designed to be easy, especially for busy people that don’t have time to trade themselves. If you intend to close trades, you should discontinue copying by selecting 'Unsubscribe.' This action will subsequently result in th closure of all active positions.

Is there a limit to the traders I can copy?

While there is no limit, it is important to consider the margin and risk levels. Overleveraging and overtrading could create adverse effects on your account.