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What Are Forex Currency Pairs?


In the forex market, trading consists of the purchase or sale between two different currencies. These combinations of currencies are referred to as currency pairs. Exchange rates are the relative price of currency pairs when compared to each other. There are seven major currency pairs, all of which include the US dollar.

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What is a pip?

A pip stands for ‘percentage in points’ or ‘price in points’. This term was traditionally the smallest price increment of a currency pair; also, it measures the amount of change in the exchange rate for a currency pair, calculated using the last decimal point. For FX majors and minors excluding JPY, a pip is the 4th decimal point (0.0001). Meanwhile, on JPY pairs, a pip is the 2nd decimal point (0.01).

How to measure a currency spread?

The spread is the difference between the best bid and the best ask quotes of a currency pair, is measured in pips, and affects the cost of entering a trade. (Spread = Best Ask Price – Best Bid Price)

*The bid price is the price you can sell the base currency

*The ask price is the price to buy the base currency

*The base currency is shown on the left of the currency pair. Also, the variable, quote or counter currency, on the right.

How are forex CFD prices calculated?

Our CFD prices (Contracts for Difference) are derived from spot market prices. As CFDs are a derivative you are not trading physical currencies.

What are the most popular currency pairs?

EUR/USD is the most widely traded pair so it tends to have the tightest spread. But depending on the region and news flow, USD/JPY is also very popular with day traders, along with EUR/JPY and AUD/JPY.

What is tick volume?

The tick volume indicator looks very similar to a traditional volume indicator, only tick volume counts the number of bid/ask quotes per bar. Whereas a volume indicator from an exchange represents how many shares or contracts have been traded per bar.

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