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FXT offers over 10,000 share CFDs, covering all major and emerging stock markets on an institutional trading platform

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Discover Share CFDs available on FXT

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What Are Share CFDs?


Our share market CFDs (Contracts for Difference) mimic the price movement of an underlying share. Because CFDs are a type of derivative, the CFD trader doesn’t own the physical shares but can still receive dividend cash adjustments. Share CFDs allow traders to participate in the stock market at a fraction of the cost of physical shares, thanks to our low margin requirements.

Trade long and short in bullish or bearish markets

Increase market exposure with low margin requirements

Trade longer-term trends, company announcements and earnings reports

Diversify your portfolio or hedge physical shares and ETFs

Everything a Trader Needs

  • Over 10,000 Trading Instruments
  • Cutting-edge Trading Analytics
  • Top Shelf Trading Environment
  • Multiple Funding Methods
  • Fully Regulated and Licensed

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Multi-Asset Platform

Trade over 10,000 instruments covering stocks, crypto, forex, commodities and more

Top Shelf Trading Environment

Enjoy top-shelf trading conditions, with costs that beat 80% of our peers

Veteran Expertise

FXT’s team consists of trading veterans with a deep, first-hand understanding of markets

Experience-Driven Innovation

FXT’s product developers aren’t just technical experts – they're traders who’ve been in the trenches themselves

Advanced Trading Tools

Cutting-edge trading tools developed by an in-house team to drive the success of traders at all levels

Fully Regulated Brokerage

We’re licensed and fully compliant across multiple jurisdictions to ensure the highest levels of integrity

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Which stock exchanges are your share CFDs listed on?

We provide access to all the major exchanges from over 20 countries. With too many to mention, just some exchanges include the NYSE (New York Stock Exchange), LSE (London Stock Exchange), ASX (Australian Securities Exchange) and TSE/TYO (Tokyo Stock Exchange).

Which software can I trade share CFDs on?

We provide access to two world class trading platforms: IRESS ViewPoint and IRESS Mobile.

Can I demo CFD share trading?

Yes. Contact us via live chat or send an email to to request a free IRESS demo.

Do share CFDs pay dividends?

Yes. If the underlying company pays out a dividend, an adjustment to your CFD position will account for the dividend payout. Dividend adjustments can be a credit or a debit, depending on whether the trader is long or short the relevant CFD.

Can I hedge my shares?

No. IRESS works slightly differently to some other software providers and ‘nets’ your positions’. For example, if you ‘buy’ 100 Westpac shares then ‘sell’ 50 shares you would be long 50x Westpac shares.